Grant Management Portal 

The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation is excited to introduce the new grants management portal for application submission, processing and monitoring.  Starting in June 2019, all grant applications to the Foundation will be processed through this grant management portal.  The Foundation invites new grant applications using published Requests for Proposals (RFP) or direct invitation to specific organizations.  In order to reduce our environmental impact, no unsolicited requests by mail will be accepted.  

The next submission time period for new applications will be September 1-30, 2019 in response to the Request for Proposals on a clinical center for Lyme and tickborne diseases (ID# Lyme 2019-B).  Applicants cannot access this portal until the submission period has begun.  All pertinent information to support a submission is included in the RFP.  Please see the Foundation's website,, for more details or a copy of the RFP.  

For questions regarding the Grant Management Portal or Request for Proposals, please email:  

For instructions on submitting an application and registering on the portal, please download the "Guidebook" by clicking the link below (or copying and pasting into your web browser):

>>> Download the instructions "Guidebook":  <<<